The Cript, Saint Martin in the Fields

Getting to Trafalgar Square and tired of the day, we entered this beautiful church to rest and have a repairing cup of tea, and some scones, of course!

Again, it was the first time for many. The girls gathered naturally waiting for us to do the ceremony of the drinking tea. They absolutely baptised the tea with too much milk, making it a funny mixture between cultures.

I don't remember many of them buying tea to take home, but they sure collected a different experience among the graves. And one more thing, it felt so good down there: sacred but public, silent but happy. Don't miss Saint Martin in the Fields!

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MeRy! said...

Strange experience: take the tea in a crypt... very sweet first evening^^

(Tea was horrible...but the cake...mmmmm,delicious!)

MeRy! said...
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